My first million $$$

My first million $$$

Hello, hello, hello everyone
Finally the big day has come
for me to reveal my finances to you
Please don’t tell me that you always knew
Today I made my very first million
but only after being a good civilian
I worked hard, holding three, sometimes 4 jobs
even worked at the furniture store named Bob’s
Sleepless nights without much fun
now I see how I really got it all done
When all my friends were at the hottest party
I always tried to be a little smarty
I stayed home, bought and ate whatever was on sale or in season
brought lunch and coffee to work; to save money was the reason
I loved every item that was for Free
as long it was useful to take care of me
My flip phone is being laughed at by my co-workers
who everyday go out for lunch to buy mega burgers
before long they ask me for a small loan
but that’s when I decide to make sure to set the tone
not because you know how many jobs I have
you must think that my money is up for everyone to grab
In my life I make many sacrifices
not to shop boldly but to first compare the prices
the clothes I wear are all so old
My friends suggest buying new ones, but no thank you, I’m not sold
You don’t see me carrying an expensive Iphone or Iwatch
because for that, my wallet is out of touch
their Jordan and Calvin Klein items look so fine
the thought of owning one runs straight through my spine
I still drive an old blue rusty 1979 Cadillac
when offering a ride, my friend’s say “I don’t want to be seen in that!”.
Now that I made my first 1 million dollars
I listen to my friends, who are of all colors
Their children always demand brand name items from them
Tough love is teaching mine not to buy but how to become a gem.
I always wanted to live the American dream
now my friends can’t stop telling me how much I beam!

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