1. Is the information I enter on the website public information?
  • No, only members will be able to read your information.
  1. How can I increase my chance to finding a serious partner/friend?

To increase the chances to finding a partner/friend you should:

  • Be honest from the start. 
  • Frequently respond to the member you are interested in.
  • Ask as many questions as possible to get to know more about your potential partner/friend.
  • Always be yourself to let your date know that you’re not pretending to be who you’re not.
  •  Always keep an open mind about your date.
  • Be a good listener. You may hear more if you listen attentively to your date.
  • Do not rush into a relationship.
  • Do not post provocative pictures. Remember there are many serious people on the site including parents who are searching for a mate for their son/daughter. If you are not dressed to their standards you may not have a fair chance of being chosen.
  • Only post pictures with you in it. Showing others in your pictures may be a distraction and may not be as attractive to others.
  • Have patience. Patience pays off. Do not rush. Take your time and communicate at least for a week to find out more about your potential partner’s/friend’s likes, dislikes, wants and needs.
  • While chatting with your potential partner/friend take your time to research them and search for any information about them on the internet.
  1. Are the pictures of the members on your site real or do you use models?.
  • We are in the business to find people matches and have not nor will we ever hire models to post on the site. Anyone found to post a picture of a model or that’s not of themselves will immediately banned from the site. Including anyone who has been found lying! We have a no tolerance policy and will upload it.
  1. How long should I wait before responding to my matches?
  • A total of two days is acceptable before responding to any matches send to you. Take your time to review your matches’ profiles, think about what you have in common, what questions you’ll like to ask and then respond. Giving yourself some time doesn’t show that you are desperate nor does it show that you are not interested. We all have a busy life so that will definitely be understood.
  1. What’s the reason that I am not receiving any matches?
  • The reason you may not be receiving any matches could be the fact that you didn’t include at least 3 clear pictures clearly showing your face or your showing too much cleavage too much skin which may be taken as if you are not seriously looking for a mate but that you are more looking like a “player” by dressing a provocative way.
  1. How soon should I meet my date?.
  • Meeting a date depends on you and the date. But it would be wise if you learn and investigate your date before meeting in person.
  1. Where should we go on the first date?
  • It’s always advisable to go to a crowded area that is well lit preferably during the day and always let someone know where you are going and with who you’ll be meeting. Especially when it is a date you met online who may be coming from afar.
  1. My date wants to pick me up, is that safe?
  • We advise you to travel in your own transportation, or via cab or just ask a friend or family member to drop you off at your destination. Entering a car of a stranger you don’t really know is too risky.
  1. I do not have a lot of money but I really like to go out with a date. Where do you suggest we can meet?
  • Dating can be very costly, time consuming but at the end it can bring you happiness. If you prefer to have a low cost, yet pleasant date that will quickly give you an idea of: who your date is, if there is great communication among the two of you, and to see what your date looks like, then a coffee shop will be just fine. Coffee shops offer the safety net we suggest when going on a first date. There are enough coffee shops around where you can purchase a cup of coffee for a reasonable price. Look for a crowded coffee shop, chat with your date for an hour just to get that impression of who you’re dealing with and if you both have something in common besides the physical attraction to clear out any imagination you formed about your date while chatting on the site.
  1. My date wants to meet as soon as possible because of typing issues. Should I agree to meet or not?
  • Meeting your date shortly after being matched may help satisfy your curiosity and all the imagination you’ve formed about your date. Just make sure to do it safely and responsibly.
  1. What if my date is making me feel very uncomfortable, is bullying or threatening while chatting online, what do I do?.
  • If your date is making you very uncomfortable, is bullying or threatening you while chatting online report them to and we will handle the situation. If the threat is severe you may want to inform your local police for any further instructions.
  1. My date is making sexual remarks regarding my body to me, which I do not welcome. What do I do?.
  • If your date starts off focusing on your body rather than on who you are, it may not be a serious date therefore it’s advisable to exit the date. Always have your phone completely charged before going on any date, go to the bathroom, contact your trusted friend or family who knows where you are and ask them to come and meet with you so that you can interrupt the date and leave. Or have them call you that you have an emergency to give you a reason to leave the date. Remember safety comes first. You must assess the situation and make sure it’s safe in any way you plan on handling and don’t hesitate if you need to get the local authority involved. Your safety comes first!
  1. Does guarantees me to finding the love of my life on the website?.
  • does not guarantee that they will find you the love of your life because everything depends on the two people who show interest in each other who will make the final decision whether or not becoming a couple is the right thing to do or not. What will do for you is to match as many members found to be compatible with you for you to make the ultimate decision which one of the members is the best match for you. Remember if you follow the rules and be yourself in your search for the right person, you may eventually find your match. Some people like George H. W. Bush Sr. and Barbara Pierce-Bush found their partner at the trial, Unfortunately some may have to kiss many “frogs” before finding their Prince e.g. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Megan Markle, and others like Oprah Gail Winfrey and Stedman Graham, who were engaged to be married in November 1992, but later decided they would rather have a “spiritual union” as per Wikipedia, and choose to live a happy life as partners without being married.
  1. How to stay safe while on a date?.

Carry enough money with you in your purse and somewhere on your body.

  • Keep your personal belongings with you at all times.
  • Make sure your phone is fully loaded.
  • Go to a busy, well lit area.
  • Never drink too much.
  • Always tell at least one person where you are going and who you are going with.
  • Always perform a search online about your date and if there are any red flags, make sure to postpone the date and proceed with caution so that you can make the right decision.
  • Drive or own car.
  • Never accept a ride from your date so you’ll be able to leave whenever you feel like leaving.
  • If the date is not what you expected but do afraid to end the date early.
  1. What to do If I find a date and we hit it off and are making plans to live our life together?. Finding your mate on wegotyourlove.comdoesn’t
  • mean it’s the end of your relationship with will be hosting annual parties for married couples only and a yearly party for lifetime members only. Staying in touch with will benefit you in the most amazing way. We will be giving away honeymoons, cruises, great prices that will make joining and keeping up to date with your progress worth the money you spend in finding your lifetime partner. Something to look forward to every year.

  1. It’s almost the end of my subscription and I have still not found a date. Can I get my money back?.
  • We got your love has a NO REFUND POLICY. If you are at the end of your membership and you have not found a date then we will give you an extra three months for FREE but only after checking your interaction online with other members. Including if you followed all the tips, advice and guidance given to you when you signed up.