How It Works


Important steps to finding your soulmate!


– Register: Sign Up for Free by Registering


– Check your email for your username and password


– Complete the compatibility questions to start receiving matches based on your main traits matched with potential partners’.


– Find your SOUL MATE: Start searching for your matches for free


– Pick a plan that fits your budget to start communicating instantly with the matches of your choice or


– Give a gift of love to someone you are really interested in. Members interested in a non-member, are now able to give a gift of love to enable to non-member to be granted membership to start chatting at once if your gift is accepted.


– Automatically enter for a chance to win prices up to $1,000,000.00 (1 MILLION DOLLARS).


– Frequenting your account to check if your username is in the HALL of WINNERS.


–  Claim your price if  you are a winner.